Lispvirt Announcements.

Hi everybody! I'd like to announce the Lispvirt project: a Common Lisp bindings for Libvirt. We are so happy because Lispvirt was accepted as an official project of now and the official webpage is hosted at: You can download the source code from GitHub at: There, you can find any instructions to … Continue reading Lispvirt Announcements.


An Introduction to QCOW2 Image Format.

An Overview There are many formats for disk images. The most known is VMDK, VDI, VHD, raw format and QCOW2. The QCOW2 is the native format of QEMU emulator. Its acronym means "QEMU Copy-On-Write" version 2. In other words, this format uses the Copy-On-Write (COW) feature. It reduces the space in the original disk. The … Continue reading An Introduction to QCOW2 Image Format.